Welcome to our Sports Training blog, for any of you browsing the web to get better ideas for your own sports training needs.
In short, the most successful individual sports training session is one that will focus on one specific area for the duration of that 40 minute or so spell.

Any good sports training session will have one, and one only, primary target to focus upon, with one or two further secondary alongside, but you cannot improve if you fully focus on multiple main targets at a time.

Perhaps you need to get stronger, faster and larger overall: you will not be able to attack these three points at once, and here we aim to give you hints and tips to achieve many targets over multiple sessions. So at the start you will get a little stronger, with the growth and speed taking a back seat, and then you can rotate the primary focus to fulfil your long-term aims.

If you are part of a good sports training system, then why not send an email via the contact page, or leave a comment?

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